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Top 5 Classic PC Role-Playing Games To Play In 2017.

Not every PC gamer has a powerful gaming laptop or computer. With the fast-changing gaming industry, every few years we receive a new shock on the hardware end of things. The next-gen visuals have pushed aside many awesome games that are only a few years old.

In this article we’ll focus exactly on those PC games, and more precisely on RPGs. Most of these titles are still the best withing the RPG genre, regardless of the visual appeal of newer releases. So if you haven’t already, we definitely recommend you check out these RPG masterpieces.

Diablo 2

It’s old, it’s rough on the edges, and it’s still the best hack & slash game out there. The RPG elements of Diablo 2 are especially one of its stand-out factors. Each character class has 3 skill trees, with each choice presenting a completely different gaming experience. Instead of trying to impress with a huge amount of options which boil down to the same gameplay, Diablo 2 provides a simple interface that presents endless skill/gear combinations, depending on the type of player you are.

The gothic horror atmosphere of Diablo 2 is another reason why it’s still a joy to play. While many games today rely far too much on graphics, Diablo 2 nailed the atmosphere, so its still easy to get sucked in its world, despite of the 17 years old visual display.

With the Lord Of Destruction expansion, and with the various character classes and choices you can make throughout the game, it provides endless replay value. You could easily spend over 100 hours on Diablo II, and get back to it in a few months wanting to play more.

There is also a solid online multiplayer community that prefers Diablo 2 over the more visually pleasing¬†Diablo 3. It’s definitely worth your time if you want a straight-forward awesome RPG experience.

Fable: The Lost Chapters

This is one of the most epic RPGs ever. Fable is a game that allows you to make many choices, and these choices actually matter. You can be a knight in shining armour or you can make a pact with the devil. There is also a lot of customization options and a unique fighting system that works pretty well.

The various locations, a large open world and epic storyline scenes all add a layer of magic to the fantasy setting. Plus, the soundtrack is pretty amazing.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

If you didn’t take an arrow to the knee yet, make sure you do that. But afterwards, role back the clock to the best Elder Scrolls game – Oblivion. Morrowind and Skyrim are both great, but Oblivion is a perfect blend of the two. Morrowind’s fighting system was pretty bad, whereas Skyrim lacked an interesting main storyline.

Oblivion excelled in both of these aspects, and the side quests with various Guilds were also spot on. Plus, it can work on almost any post 2005. PC, and most likely you can amp up the visuals to the highest setting. In that case the game looks pretty darn good even judging by today’s standards.

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Is this a role-playing game? It’s formally clasified as a first and third-person action game. But it also allows you to develop your unique SW character’s skills and make impactful storyline decisions. The lighsaber combat in Jedi Academy is awesome, and you also get to use countless Force ablities like choking, absorbing energy, healing, pushing and pulling your enemies etc.

The game is also fairly long and has managed to keep me entertained for hours on end. If you’re a fan of RPGs and also love the SW universe you’ll definitely enjoy Jedi Academy.

The Mass Effect Trilogy

This unique game places you in the boots of commander Shephard. This poor fella has to save the universe from invading inter-galactic slavers, and many other enemies hiding in their shadow. A very intricate storyline, well accomplished team-based fighting system and interesting locations and characters – that’s what Mass Effect has to offer.

Mass Effect is a highly successful trilogy. I recommend you start out with the first Mass Effect game and build up. The reason is mainly due to the storyline, which could easily have been an A-star movie. I first played Mass Effect 3, and then realized I missed out on an excellent storyline and 30+ hours of quests. Then I replayed all of them. Twice. Yes, it’s that good!

The other reason to play Mass Effect from the beginning is because you can transfer your character from one game to the next. This way your decisions throughout the storyline, as well as the skills you worked hard at developing don’t go to waste.


There are so many games to choose from that some have probably slipped under our radar unjustly. But I’m sure that choosing either of these 5 RPG titles will ensure loads of fun to any gamer out there.

I hope this article has been helpful and entertaining. If it has, we encourage you to share it with your friends on social media! Also feel free to browse our website for cool gaming products that will upgrade your gaming crib in no time!



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