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Best 5 Nintendo Switch Games Of 2017. To Give Your Kids This Christmas

If you’re wondering which Nintendo Switch games would make your kid/grandparent/nephew super happy, then you’re in the right place. Nintendo has always had a kids-friendly approach, and these 5 games top the list.

They’re made in an intelligent way, and they’re also really fun both for kids and.. myself? Without further ado, here they are!

LEGO City Undercover

There’s nothing quite like LEGO when it comes to sparking creativity in kids. LEGO City Undercover presents a huge world made of LEGOS to explore. It has an entertaining main storyline, and plenty of side quests.

The best thing about it? It’s definitely the visual aspect, and also the multiplayer options. This Lego game can be played by one and two players, which adds further replayeability value. It can easily provide over 30 hours of solid story gameplay, followed by endless fun in the multiplayer mode.

Splatoon 2

This is a family-friendly shooter, in which instead of bullets you get to shoot ink. The world of Splatoon is filled with cute creatures called Inklings, and the main goal is to cover as much of the gaming arena with ink as possible.

There are also many tactics you can use to derail the other team from doing the same. Splatoon 2 features a singleplayer story mode, and also a multiplayer cooperative survival mode.

Super Mario Odyssey

The most popular Italian plumber is back with a punch! Super Mario Odyssey presents a stunning gameplay experience as you venture into multiple worlds to save Princess Peach from the evil Bower. It turns out Bower wants to marry her, and she’s having none of that.

Super Mario Odyssey is great for younger kids due to intuitive controls, and it can also be challenging for more experienced gamers if you want to collect all the extra Power Moons across each stage. As always, you can check out more reviews and get the game by clicking here.


Minecraft is one of the most popular games of this generation without a doubt. It’s the perfect way for kids to get creative as they get to build and reshape the enviroment around themselves. That includes various objects, buildings and nature – all of them can be molded and turned more complex.

You also get to craft your own weaponry and hide-outs to escape block monsters. Minecraft has multiple game modes available, and also a two-player split screen mode. This is a great way for the kids to get creative at problem-solving and to have fun while doing it.


Arms is a unique game that will get the little ones physically active as well. The game is based on fighters who can use extended arms to deal powerful punches to their opponents.

In Arms, punches can be dealt with the popular Switch Joy-Con motion controllers as well, which makes for a cool workout. There are many boxing techniques to be learned, and also a 4 player multiplayer mode which makes Arms a great gift that the whole family can have fun playing.


All of these games and many player reviews are available on Amazon. We hope you and the kids will both enjoy this Christmas playing the best Nintendo Switch games available!

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