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Best New Xbox One Games For Christmas 2017.

Are you looking for new Xbox One games for Christmas? If so, this is the article for you! There have been many excellent new releases in 2017. from across the gaming spectrum. These are the top 10 games that would light up any gamers holiday. Without further ado, let’s check them out!

Quantum Break

This fascinating time-travel story has the best singleplayer experience of all the games on this list. Time itself is falling apart, and it’s up to the player to use his new knowledge and powers to save the world from destruction. The satisfying thing about Quantum Break is that it doesn’t have any plot holes you’d expect from a time-travel story. It truly is masterful storytelling which has earned the game worldwide recognition.

As far as gameplay is concerned, it is a third-person shooter with some puzzles sprinkled on top. The game also presents stunning next-gen visuals and high quality animations, coupled with an excellent thriller vibe soundtrack. So if you’re looking for the best singleplayer experience, Quantum Break is definitely tops this 2017. games list.

Destiny: The Taken King

On the other hand, Destiny: The Taken King presents the best multiplayer experience. Set in our planet’s sci-fi future, the human race has to confront alien invaders from another galaxy. The game is a fast-paced shooter, with endless weapons, maps and upgrades that can keep you entertained for hours on end.

It has a great visual presentation and many multiplayer maps as well. The best aspect of Destiny: The Taken King are many multiplayer modes you and your friends can engage in. There is the classic deathmatch mode with many customization options, as well as a huge set of co-op modes. It’s one of the best represented Xbox One online multiplayer games at the moment as well, which ensures that you’ll always have someone to play with.

Rare Replay

For the best game value, Rare Replay is the way to go. For only $30 or less you get 30 classic games from a game developing powerhouse Rareware. Those include fighting, racing, space-shooter, multiplayer FPS, a zoo developer and many more.

This is a real bundle of joy that has something for everyone. The games included in Rare Replay are not new releases, but they include classics that are still played by milions of gamers due to their awesome gameplay and replayeability value (hence the name).

Forza Horizon 3

If you’re looking for the best car game, it’s really not a hard choice. Forza Horizon 3 blows the competition out of the water with slick gameplay and visuals. There are hundreds of cars you can race with and upgrade visually and performance-wise.

The driving experience is also quite realistic, but it remains easily accessible for those who just want arcade fun as well. If you feel that racing across huge spaces of European country-side would be pretty entertaining, Forza Horizon 3¬†is the game you’re after.


If it’s educational entertainment you’re looking for, Minecraft is the real deal. Minecraft is all about reshaping the world using your imagination and skills that you develop throughout the game. You can learn not only how to create buildings but also geology, building electrical currents and many other forms of knowledge depending on how far you want to take it.

Minecraft basically adjusts to your skill level, so you can start off by creating basic shelter, tools and weapons. As you advance you can create roller-coasters, complex castles and recreate the natural environment as well. If you’re looking for a game that is entertaining but also teaches you stuff, Minecraft is the best choice.

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

Even though Diablo III got some negative critics upon its first release, since then it has vastly improved. The game is more gritty and gothic, living up to the atmosphere od Diablo II. It’s got a great competitive multiplayer mode, but probably the best is the co-op mode you can play with your friends.

Fighting the worst creatures of human imagination with your pals to get epic weapons and gear and conquer the devil himself once and for all – this is what you can expect out of Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition.

Halo 5: Guardians

Speaking of legendary games, Halo is arguably one of the most famous gaming franchises of all time. This sci-fi shooter with an immersive storyline pits you against hostile aliens across many locations across the galaxy. From spaceships and spacestations to lush forests of worlds yet unknown, Halo 5 is a real adventure.

The gameplay lives up to the name as always, but what is more impressive are the graphics. This is the most beautiful game on the list. Amazing art-style, realistic lighting, and astounding number of effects on-screen make playing Halo 5 quite an experience indeed.

Ori and the Blind Forest 

This game is a modern 2D platformer with great graphics but most of all – amazing music. There is no dialogue in Ori and the Blind Forest, as all the emotions and storyline are conveyed through visual, musically enchanced scenes.

The story itself is about a magical forest realm that is being invaded by dark forces. It’s up to Ori to save the forest. Basically, Ori and the Blind Forest is a game that excels artistically and it’s simply a wonderful experience all-around.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

This cartoonish shooter is the most family-friendly game on Xbox One. The game design is like playing in candy land, with quite a potent arsenal in case someone messes with you. There are many plant and zombie characters to choose from, and they’re all rather unique.

Garden Warfare 2 has a great multiplayer mode, and also singeplayer modes with intelligent AI bots. The multiplayer community is not overly competitive, so even as a beginner it’s easy to start playing and have a blast.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Yep, the game we’ve all been waiting is finally available for pre-orders on Amazon. Battlefront 2 is all you’d expect from a SW title. You get to play as the main characters from the movies, such as Luke, Han Solo, Boba Fett, Vader and Emperor Palpatine. There are over 40 hours of solid singleplayer gameplay. Multiplayer is of course the more important aspect of Battlefront, with 14 maps and various modes to engage in.

There are also space-battles, and you get to upgrade and buy new ships as you progress. The same is true for land units, as you get to upgrade lightsabers and other weaponry depending on your favorite class. Basically, SW: Battlefront 2 is unique due to its special characters, the SW music score, voice-acting and simply the feeling of being part of the SW universe. As you can see, I’m pretty excited about it as well!


These are the best 10 new Xbox games for Christmas 2017.! We’ve categorized them in a way that each game provides something unique. We hope this article has been helpful and we at Ace Game Reviews wish you a lot of fun during these winter holidays!

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